Read this First: General API Integration Instructions

The API is exposed using SOAP, a common web services protocol. SOAP is extremely simple to use and debug since it is an XML based protocol. While SOAP is a standardized protocol, we are using certain complex data types which are not completely compatible across all platforms. However, we have written our own wrappers to handle this and we offer direct integration kits in various platforms which you can directly download and use.


When our system receives a request, it tries to complete the action immediately. If the system is unable to complete the action for some reason, it will return an error response and try to complete the action again after sometime. This ensures a high level of fault tolerance.

Due to this, it is imperative that when you encounter an error response (especially for commands that have financial implications like Registering or Renewing orders), you must check whether the command eventually failed or succeeded. To do this, you will have to issue additional API commands (depending on the command for which you received an error response) to check the final status of the original command. Such checks are also recommended in cases when a query times out, due to network outages or any other reason.

It is advised that you implement this querying process, to check the status of API commands as a scheduled task/cron/batch process. Alternately, you can also check the status of the command by logging into your Reseller Control Panel.

Currently, integration kits are available in PHP, Java, Perl and .NET. Follow the steps below to begin making calls to the API:

Sign up for a Demo Reseller Account and Register your IP Address to make API calls

Signup for a Demo Reseller Account (Anchor: demo)

You will initially test your API scripts on our Demo server.

Additional Information

Sign up for a Demo Reseller Account

You will need the following items before you proceed to the next step:

  • Your Signup Username

  • Your Signup Password

  • Your Parent ID

  • The first two items would have been entered by you during the signup.

  • For the last item, follow the below process:

  • You can use the Demo account to try out various aspects of the system. However, the Demo accounts are reset every day. As such, any Orders placed herein, or any modification done to these Orders, shall cease to exist after 24 hours.

Register your IP Address to make API calls (Anchor: register)

  1. Login to your Demo Reseller Account from

  2. Go to Settings -> API

  3. Register the IP addresses from where you will be making the SOAP API requests.

  • This interface is common for the HTTP and SOAP API.

  • If you have registered your IP Address for either the HTTP API or the SOAP API, you do not need to perform the above-mentioned steps.

Additional Information


Download the API Kit Suitable for your Platform


The SOAP API Kits have been deprecated. We recommend using the HTTP API instead. See details

Download the API Documentation

The complete documentation of all classes and methods available in the API can be found in the Docs below. The Docs below are javadocs, but the function names and explanations remain the same for all the platforms and the documentation is self explanatory. We recommend you download the docs and read through them completely once before you integrate your application:

Core Docs v3_16

Domains Docs v3_16

Hosting Docs v3_16

Other Products Docs v3_16

Parameter Validation Details of Different Parameters Passed in any API Calls

We have a detailed document on the validation routines which you need to build in for the various parameters which you send to the API call. Failure to validate these fields on your side may result in an undecipherable error from the Server. See details

Refer the Error format Document and Common Errors

The first time you run any example you are likely to encounter errors if you have not followed the steps perfectly. It is important to understand the format of an error. See details


Sometimes, you may receive a 302 HTTP Redirect response from our system. Your API implementation should be capable of following such a redirect.

Run the Examples

All the above kits contain examples which you can run and test the API functionality. Try these examples out to verify everything is working fine. You should first run these examples on the Demo Server. Use the Demo Sign up information gathered above and the Demo Server URL below to run the examples on the demo server.

Demo Server URLs for API Kits ver 3.x and Above

Java and PHP API Kits

Perl and .NET API Kit

Demo Server URLs for older API Kits

Java and PHP API Kits

.NET and Perl API Kits

Refer the Common Errors

Here we have some answers covering common errors you can expect while integrating with the API. See details

Change the Information to Live Information (When you are Ready)

Once you have followed the steps above and got the test programs to work successfully, you can duplicate the same code in your live application.

Update your Application with Live Details (Anchor: golive)

Replace the following information in your application when you are ready to go live:

Refer the corresponding kit and integration guide of the platform that you choose for further instructions.

  • As you duplicate your code on the live application environment, remember to change your Parent ID to the one associated with your Live Reseller account.

    You can find this from Settings -> Personal Information -> Primary Profile in your Reseller Control Panel.

  • You need to display the Registrar Registrant Agreement for Domain Names Legal document within the domain name registration buy process on your website.

    It is compulsory to display this document as is to your Customers and get them to agree to the terms mentioned therein, before buying domain names through you. You can view this agreement from within your Reseller Admin Control Panel at Help -> Legal Agreements.