Manage Pages on Your Website

Add, move, or remove page sections from your website created with the Website Builder

Once you’ve created a website, you can customize and edit it to meet your requirements. In addition to adding pages to your site, you can add different sections to a page, move sections up and down on a page, or delete a section completely.

Step 1: Log in to your WebsiteBuilder editor. Learn How.

Step 2: Manage Pages

i. Add Pages

  • Click Pages.Pages
  • Click New Page. New Page
  • Enter the details in the pop up that shows up. Page Details
  • Once the new page is created you can go ahead and add customize the page as per your requirements. Add images, sections, and content relevant to the page. 
  • Once you are done updating the page, publish your website. 

ii. Move Pages

  • Click Pages.
  • Click and Drag the box corresponding to the page that you want to move
  • Once you are done updating the order of the pages click Publish 

iii. Delete Pages


Make sure you copy the content of the page before deleting it. Once the page is deleted you will not be able to recover the data on that page.

  • Click Pages.Pages
  • Click Delete.Delete Pages